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An assistant's view on CariVu

Posted by Team DEXIS

Jeanne_headshotFor those who have watched the CariVu™ Training video, you’ve seen just how easy this device is to use. Jeanne Giovenco, CDA, CDPMA and Certified DEXIS Instructor, is your guide in this video. She has been hands-on with the system since it was first released. Recently, we asked her to share her thoughts on caries detection and CariVu.

“Simply stated, the DEXIS CariVu is amazing! What you see, the shape and size, is really there—like the famous WYSIWYG! Healthy tooth structure is light, and decay and fractures are dark similar to what you see on X-rays. I'm very excited with the accuracy of this device. The evidence in case studies shows a 99% accuracy rate*. Unlike an X-ray, CariVu is not affected by interproximal overlap on routine bitewings. And these images offer the ability to see around restorations that can, in some cases, be blocked out on the X-ray.


CariVu is also very easy to use because it is lightweight and portable. I can carry it easily between treatment rooms. Unlike some other types of caries detectors, it operates within my DEXIS software immediately without any type of calibration. This allows me to utilize chair time more efficiently. And my doctor and I can quickly compare X-ray and photo images for diagnosis and patient education.

Additionally, my patients have found it to be comfortable. The tips are flexible and come in two sizes. I can use CariVu on those patients that have concerns with radiation. It's like having “X-ray vision” without the ionizing radiation.

Caries detection has been available for many years, but CariVu’s ability to save captured images is a great bonus. Not only can I use these images clinically, the front office loves that they can securely send these images to insurance companies to help support treatment coverage.”

We thank Jeanne for her insights. See the CariVu Training Video. 


Clinical images courtesy of Cynthia K. Brettesani, DDS

*Kühnisch  J. Benefits of the DIAGNOcam Procedure for the Detection and Diagnosis of Caries [study project]. Munich: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich; 2013.

Hickel R, Kühnisch J, et al. Clinical Guideline. Munich: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich; July 2012.

Topics: DEXIS Sensor, CariVu, Dental diagnosis, Caries detection