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Jackie Raulerson

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Thank you DEXIS

Posted by Jackie Raulerson


The winter holidays bring with them both happiness and reflection — it’s a time of looking back on memories and looking forward to hope. That’s why this story, my story means so much to me. As Manager, Public and Media Relations for DEXIS, I have many reasons to be thankful. I am grateful to be an integral part of a company with a conscience. DEXIS gives back to the community through donations of equipment and time, through worthy causes such as Give Kids a Smile, Mission of Mercy, and TeamSmile, just to name a few. Attending these events has allowed me to meet the dentists and associates who use our products every day, and share their skills with people whose finances often preclude vital dental care for them and their children.

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Topics: DEXIS, ADA, Dental Radiography, Dental Digital Sensor, Caries detection, CariVu

Stuck in a Rut

Posted by Jackie Raulerson

VivianContent provided by Vivian Zabik, RDH, Certified DEXIS Instructor:  I have been in dentistry since I was 16 years old. My high school started a two-year dental assisting program with a neighboring school. I was always adventurous, so I convinced my best friend to sign up for the program with me. I told her, “I’m sure the guys are really cute at this school, especially since it’s so close to Kent State University!” She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Is this going to be like the time you suggested we take a public bus home from school and ended up on other side of town?” I can still hear her mother lecturing us in broken Polish-English on the long drive home!

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Topics: DEXIS, Digital X-ray, Dental Digital X-ray, DEXIS Digital Radiography

Spotlight on: Eileen Boren, RDA and Certified DEXIS Instructor

Posted by Jackie Raulerson

Eileen 1From outreach to beekeeping to dentistry, Eileen derives pleasure in being fully involved in whatever activity comes her way. Learn more about how she spends her time in and out of the office.

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Topics: DEXIS, Digital X-ray, Dental Imaging Products

Flash That Smile

Posted by Jackie Raulerson

The eyes may be the mirror to the soul, but it’s the beautiful smile that gets the attention of the paparazzi, the boss at the job interview, or maybe even the next love of your life. So, it’s no surprise that more dental practices are focusing on cosmetic options.

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Topics: DEXIS, Intra-oral Camera, Cosmetic Dentistry, AACD

Stop Waiting for Something to Happen (with Digital X-rays)

Posted by Jackie Raulerson

Content provided by Eileen Boren, RDA and DEXIS Certified Instructor: Not too long ago, I went with a friend to her first appointment with her new dentist. She had heard good things about him and his office. When we arrived the receptionist greeted us with a friendly smile. The office was clean and tastefully decorated. After filling out the usual forms she was taken back to the operatory that seemed well-equipped. I was allowed to tag along.

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