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Beaming about radiation-reducing DEXshield

Posted by Team DEXIS

john_james_headshot_webTeam DEXIS recently sat down with Dr. John James of West Lafayette, IN for a conversation about his positive experiences with DEXshield™. Here’s what he had to say:  "When I was looking for a digital X-ray system, my biggest requirement was an increase in diagnostic capacity — with DEXIS, I was able to achieve that immediately. I also wanted to be able to attain a more comfortable fit for patients. DEXIS Platinum sensors offered that attribute, as well. Now, after using the system for a while, I have realized that not only are we getting a more comfortable fit, we are also needing fewer retakes due to the size and shape of the device and also the holding system, which is very well designed. But there's more to the system!

Radiation dose is another very important part of radiography. The ADA states that digital systems may reduce radiation dose 40% to 60% over film1. DEXIS™ also offers the opportunity for even more radiation reduction with the DEXshield positioning ring and patented patient protective shield. In testing, this ring was determined to reduce absorbed dose by at least 30%2DEXshieldweb

In my experience, I have seen some patients who are resistant to radiographs. Some are just emotionally fearful, and others have a medical issue that precludes X-rays. Whatever the reason, if a clinician can offer X-rays at a lower radiation dose, that’s a positive for patients. For protection, we use a lead shield with a thyroid collar, and now, I have DEXshield, which in my opinion is a very clever, easy way to additionally lower radiation to my patients. Another plus is that DEXshield fits right on the holding system because it was designed exclusively for use with the Platinum sensor. As with any new product, there is a learning curve, but not much. I want to be able to tell my patients how important this is and do so with them all. It is awesome to already to have the best images and at the lowest dose with Platinum3, but even more awesome to lower that dose even further." 

Thanks Dr. James!

For information on DEXshield, go to\dexshield.



1 Dental Radiographic Examinations: Recommendations For Patient Selection And Limiting Radiation Exposure; found on 

2 In a laboratory setting, DEXshield plus the DEXIS Platinum Sensor was determined to reduce absorbed dose by 30% as compared to the Universal Ring plus the DEXIS Platinum Sensor.  

3 DEXIS Sensor Competitive Performance Study, December 2013, by Brad Carlson, Ph.D., and Scott Kravis, Ph.D.


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