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DEXIS Platinum hands-on review in new ADA Peer2Peer magazine

Posted by Team DEXIS





The ADA published its first edition of ADA Peer2Peer, a new digital newsletter that features hands-on demonstrations of selected products being used by ADA-member dentists in their everyday dental practices. These dentists have volunteered to take readers step-by-step through their experiences using the products in the category with their real-life patients. The dentists explain in detail how the products helped them respond to specific patient needs and concerns, leading to the ultimate goal of all dental care: A successful outcome and positive patient experience.



The first issue of ADA Peer2Peer is focusing on Digital Radiographic Imaging Systems. Please pay special attention to pages 4 and 5 on which Dr. Jason Barth is writing about DEXIS. Click here to read the article:

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