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Spotlight on: Diane Burns, DEXIS Regional Sales Manager

Posted by Team DEXIS

What is your on-the-job philosophy?
As the DEXIS Sales Manager for Arizona, New Mexico and El Paso, I help my doctors understand why it makes sense to incorporate DEXIS digital X-ray into their practice. Because of the DEXIS product design and philosophical legacy, I know that DEXIS helps doctors make more informed clinical judgments on behalf of  their patients and improves  their ability to deliver quality care. Patient comfort, productivity gains in staff workflow, and the clear financial benefits also make DEXIS a product I am proud to represent with conviction because I know an investment in DEXIS will be good for the patient, for the staff, and for the practice.

Diane cutting-horses

How did you become a sales person for DEXIS?
My position as a DEXIS representative was the “perfect marriage” for me. My father is a dentist, so I worked in a dental office all throughout high school. I also spent several years in an enterprise software company on the implementation side, so I understand how technology can change the way people do their  jobs in a positive way.  In my “first life,” I was a CPA, so the combination of business, clinical, and the technology aspects of DEXIS made this job a perfect fit.

What is your greatest accomplishment?
I am just completing my 9th year at DEXIS — the longest I have ever been in any job!

What makes you so successful?
My doctors know that I am not going to waste their time, and they are glad they did business with me. I connect them with a great technology, and I don’t abandon them afterwards. By ensuring a great implementation experience, I create happy owners who are an enormous asset in our ongoing efforts to introduce DEXIS to their colleagues.

Do you have a hobby?
I refer to my horse hobby as more of a “disease” than a hobby because I can never get enough of it! I ride cutting horses competitively, and cutting is a sport where horse and rider spend 2-1/2 minutes trying to outwit a cow, and whoever does the best job wins! I have three horses— Odie, my elder retiree who took me from a beginner to the world finals, is out in the pasture and Tulip and Moose are my current show horses.

Diane Burns

Five facts about Diane Burns:

1. Favorite vacation: Showing cutting horses somewhere!

2. Favorite book: The Bible

3. Favorite movie: Lonesome Dove

4. Favorite food: Beef

5. Favorite song: Redneck Girl







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