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DEXIS and Sports Stars Team up for TeamSmile

Posted by Team DEXIS

Our mission at DEXIS is to develop and support the digital radiography community through philanthropic endeavors. We hold ourselves to a high standard for the “support” role we play to serve and give back to our dental communities. Part of that support is in our partnerships with outreach programs that promote oral health. One organization that we have sponsored for several years is TeamSmile.

TeamSmile Logo

TeamSmile is a unique advocacy group that provides dental care to underserved children in communities across the country. They offer an unmatched enthusiasm to the children they help by partnering with dental professionals and athletic organizations. The kids are able to connect with icons in their communities that they view as role models, while the athletes serve as dental examples for the children. Why wouldn’t you want to brush your teeth 3 times a day everyday if you knew Brett Favre did the same? This experience allows the children to not only get free screening and treatment, but also learn about the importance of their overall health.


On July 12th the Milwaukee Brewers hosted a TeamSmile event, which was also supported by Rickie Weeks and the Twin Community Foundation. Approximately 200 kids were in attendance and serviced, one child in particular received over $2,000 in complimentary treatment. Former Major League Baseball outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies and Minnesota Twins, Larry Hisle, joined in on the event. Larry currently works with the Brewers as the Manager of Youth Outreach and is the President of Major League Mentoring, a youth mentoring program in Milwaukee. In addition to his appreciated attendance, there were over 50 volunteers.

TeamSmile Volunteers
DEXIS sensors are a major contributor to the organization. Without the digital expertise and simple to use, quick features, the volunteers would not be able to service so many children in such a small amount of time. We are thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful cause and knowing at the end of the events hundreds of children are able to walk away with clean teeth, examinations and X-rays to be used for future treatment and a big smile on their face.


Interested in volunteering? Learn how to help within your own community.


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