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Digital Diagnostic Assistance in Cebu, Philippines

Posted by Team DEXIS

Dental professionals are unique in that they are always looking for ways to give back to both their own communities and humanity at large. One giant demographic that is commonly focused on is the future generations of this world, the children. The Rise Above Foundation Cebu have been working in the Philippines for 12 years providing educational opportunities in health and hygiene and specifically organizing dental missions through free clinics for poor children and adolescents.

Cebu clinic

The Philippines were an area of focus based on astounding evidence over the lack of interaction and knowledge base on oral health and overall numbers of children with oral issues. Therefore, dentists and hygienists from many western countries come together two or three times a year in an effort to provide treatment of all sorts, while also teaching about oral health.

Cebu clinic

DEXIS has contributed to this mission by donating our intraoral digital sensors and dental imaging software for assistance in diagnostics for treatment. Treatments have recently extended from extractions to restorations to prophylaxis and even denture creation. We are happy to be a supporter of an organization who rates oral education as a top priority and strives to better the lives of all the patients by providing self-esteem, comfort, and knowledge through their clinical services.

Sensor X-ray

During their latest trip to Cebu 1160 patients were treated, including 734 restorations, 1764 extractions and 88 received prophylaxis. The use of the mobile dental units and DEXIS allows for the success of these types of numbers. In addition to the dental work performed, 1000 kids in 4 elementary schools received oral health education from hygienists and each got their very own toothbrush, a first for many. We intend to continue supporting such worthwhile humanitarian causes and hope you will too.

Watch here to witness Rise Above Foundations incredible work.

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