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Hurry Up and Slow Down - DEXIS Can Help You Do Both!

Posted by Team DEXIS

How often do you hear people say, “Life is moving too fast, we need to slow down?” They gripe that everyone is attached to their phone or tablets or personal electronic devices. Parents complain children don’t know how to play outside anymore because everything is driven by electronics. Older generations talk about simpler times when we didn’t need all of these gadgets—when people weren’t in such a hurry. Yet, technology doesn’t always have to create a frenzied environment.

Time Savings through Digital X ray resized 600

There are technological advancements that have improved efficiency, thus giving us more time and the ability to slow down. One example of this in dentistry is digital radiography. The conversion of radiographs from film to digital images saves a lot of time, primarily from eliminating darkroom processing. There are no longer solutions that need to be ordered, monitored, maintained, and packaged for disposal. Once the software and sensor are setup, you are ready to go with the click of a button—images appear as soon as they are captured.

DEXIS®, who specializes in digital X-ray imaging, has taken efficiency in technology a step further by designing a single-sensor solution which is “one size fits all.” This digital sensor was created with comfort and versatility in mind. The sensor can be used comfortably on any patient and for each type of radiograph—anterior or posterior periapicals and horizontal or vertical bitewings. This eliminates the need of auxiliary going back and forth between sensor and holder changes, thus saving more of the appointment time that is better spent with the patient.

In our modern world there will always be advancements and improvements geared towards making life in and out of the dental office more efficient. While digital X-ray technology does allow improved efficiency, it can also be a benefit by slowing us down, creating a more personal patient approach, and building that all-important rapport.

See DEXIS timesavings in action: 5-Minute FMX

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