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DEXIS® Digital X-ray—Part of the Green Solution

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content provided by Eileen Boren, RDA and Certified DEXIS Instructor  I was driving down the Oregon Coast last week. It was a bright day and the sky was a vibrant blue, a stark contrast to the lush evergreens lining both sides of the road. Periodically there was a break in the trees, giving me a breathtaking view of the vast blue ocean. Oregon coast

What a beautiful world we live in! These days there’s a lot of discussion about “going green,” preservation and conservation. On my drive along the coast that day, I was grateful for these discussions and the changes we make because of them.

I had just come from training an office on their new DEXIS Digital X-ray System. As I drove, my mind drifted to my early days in dentistry when film was our X-ray choice. Every day, our darkroom garbage was filled with hundreds of plastic and cardboard film protectors and lead sheets. Multiply that by the tens of thousands of dental office across the country and you can just imagine the amount of film X-ray materials that were dumped into our landfills. And then there were the chemicals we used to process the films.

Like most offices, we cleaned our X-ray developer and fixer once a week. I worked in a state where we were allowed to simply dump the old chemicals into our sink’s drain. That was part of our normal weekly equipment maintenance. We never thought about the harm it might cause. Looking back, I cringe when I think about it.

Dentistry has progressed, and now we are more educated and more aware of the effects we have on our environment. When it comes to dental radiographs, digital technology has made it possible for us to be part of the solution rather than adding to the problem. We now have digital sensors that can be used over and over for many years. Our sensors are protected by only one barrier that can be used to take a full set of X-rays on an individual patient. We also use positioning devices that can be sterilized, instead of disposable paper tabs, cutting down on our overall waste. With digital technology we no longer need dark rooms filled with chemicals that require disposal. And “duplicating” a radiograph is as simple clicking a mouse.

Digital radiography has many benefits and has changed the way we do dentistry. But as I drive along the coast or hike in the mountains, surrounded by nature’s beauty, I’m grateful for the environmental benefits this technology gives us—one more step in our efforts to “go green.”

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