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Technology for Dental Hygiene at an All-Time High

Posted by Team DEXIS

2013 commemorates the dental hygiene profession’s 100-year anniversary; and from a technological standpoint, there is no greater time to be a practicing RDH! Ask any hygienist who graduated from school more than 40 years ago; she may reminisce about an era when she wore a white uniform and nurse-type cap on her head; and cleaning a patient’s teeth meant using hand scaling only. Imagine that!  As hygienists moved into scrub-type garb, technology moved forward by leaps and bounds. Ultrasonic instrumentation and jetted prophylaxis devices created benefits for patients as well as efficiency and effectiveness for clinicians.

ADHA 100th LOGO Final

The last two decades saw tremendous inroads in dental radiography, namely digital intra-oral X-ray and panoramic systems, in both ease-of-use and radiation reduction over film. Once radiographs are captured, they display on a monitor in seconds ready for diagnosis and/or treatment. There’s no waiting for the patient or the hygienist, and none of the wasted time and mess that comes with film processing. DEXIS enhances the process further by offering an extremely comfortable digital sensor and, most importantly, highly diagnostic image quality. With today’s health consumers being savvier about X-rays in general, it’s a great time to be able to offer technologies that address concerns they may have.

DXR software and sensor

But wait, there’s more! Traditional oral cancer screening examinations can now be supplemented with the electronic devices. For patient record keeping, it is not uncommon to see computers in treatment rooms where with caries and periodontal findings being documented within practice management software’s clinical charting program—complete with voice recognition. Electronic caries detection has been available for the past decade, as well as salivary testing to discern patients’ risk factors for periodontal disease and HPV.

Dentrix chart   DEXview image

Yes, with all this new technology, it’s a great time to be a hygienist—but even better to be a patient reaping the rewards! 

Visit the DEXIS website to see how DEXIS can benefit your hygiene program.

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