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DEXIS go®—On The Go!

Posted by Team DEXIS

When the destination is optimal dental care, it’s important to travel with the best tools—even around the office. Portability has always been a hallmark for DEXIS® products, and DEXIS go®, a sleek, new engaging way for dental professionals to communicate with patients using an iPad®, continues this legacy. DEXIS was the first dental digital radiography company to launch the laptop X-ray solution to the US market in 1997. Then, in 2009, the DEXIS® Platinum sensor technology integrated image capture and processing electronics into the sensor itself, providing even greater portability. This new sensor with a direct USB connection allowed it to move quickly and efficiently between operatories.

DEXIS go Doc Hyg w iPads

Continuing this penchant for portability, DEXIS go works seamlessly with the recently released DEXIS Imaging Suite 10.0.5 and higher, connecting via the practice’s Wi-Fi network. It has the familiarity of the DEXIS software and of the iPad. Functioning as an imaging hub, DEXIS go displays all radiographic and photographic images within a patient’s record and is easy for dental professionals (and even patients) to use.

Dr. Christopher Anderson of Marietta, GA, notes, “I’ve found DEXIS go to be like a portable consult room-the data is with you wherever you go. It’s great for patient education.”  

The DEXIS go app is free and available on the Apple® App store. John Steck, Director of Product Management for DEXIS summarizes, “We ended up with an elegant app where the interactions feel intuitive from the first time users pick it up, much like the DEXIS imaging software itself.”  When picking up their iPads with DEXIS go, dentists can feel the freedom of portability and have patient images at their fingertips.

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