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Keep Them Coming Back for Dental Exams

Posted by Team DEXIS

Ask any clinician, and they will tell you—rarely do people look forward to dental visits. Recently, the American Dental Association released statistics which show that fewer adults are visiting the dentist these days. While there are surely multiple factors causing this decline, most probably stem from anxiety. To counter this, dentists offer adjunct services, from spa comforts to headphones with pleasing audio, to help lessen the patient’s stress while receiving the dental care they need.

Dr and patient speak about X ray findings

When it comes time in the appointment to take X-rays, clinicians are often met with resistance or complaints. More often than not, these typically include radiation concerns, discomfort, and, generally, the patient not perceiving value in something they cannot readily see and understand.  

Of course, if you are using film, you probably don't have much of a chance to win on the radiation front, to successfully quash the fears and objections to lend comfort to your patients. In the 2012 report, “Dental Radiographic Examinations: Recommendations for Patient Selection and Limiting Radiation Exposure,”the ADA stated, "Digital imaging provides an opportunity to further reduce the radiation dose by 40 to 60 percent." Patients are becoming more aware of this fact due to mainstream media's coverage, especially in the last couple of years.

On the comfort front, as long as you use film, you will continue to hear comments like, “that cardboard thing is sticking me,” and “the pointy part is cutting my mouth.” Even way back in 1999, Reality (volume 13) published research which led to the conclusion that “on the issue of comfort, all participants mentioned that the digital sensors were more comfortable than a conventional x-ray film.” DEXIS, well known for sensor comfort from its inception, and has continued to refine its ergonomic design to enhance the experience even more. One thing is true: Film has not become more comfortable at all over the years.

These two reasons alone, substantially less exposure and more comfort with digital radiography, can help your patients to better buy into the radiographic process, but there’s more: Digital imaging allows patient to gain a real understanding about what X-rays can do for them. ­No longer do they have to try and “see” their issues on a small piece of film—with large, enhanced images, they see what you see. And since they can better visualize their dental conditions with these images, you can make that connection between their own anatomy and a real reasoning for treatment.   

The goal of dental professionals is to help prevent and to treat dental disease. You can’t do that unless the patient is there and willing. So, do what you can to make them comfortable, both physically and emotionally, to help keep them coming back. And remember, DEXIS can help you do just that! 

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Topics: ADA, Dental Radiography, GXS-700 Digital Sensors