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Stop Waiting for Something to Happen (with Digital X-rays)

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content provided by Eileen Boren, RDA and DEXIS Certified Instructor: Not too long ago, I went with a friend to her first appointment with her new dentist. She had heard good things about him and his office. When we arrived the receptionist greeted us with a friendly smile. The office was clean and tastefully decorated. After filling out the usual forms she was taken back to the operatory that seemed well-equipped. I was allowed to tag along.

As part of the "new patient exam" the dentist asked his assistant to take 4 bitewing X-rays and a few periapical X-rays as well. I was pleased to see that he was using an intra-oral system digital system—disappointed to learn that it wasn’t DEXIS. However, I was interested to see another system in use in a real practice setting.

As I spotted the look of discomfort on my friends face, I was reminded of just how uncomfortable a square-shaped sensor can be. I noticed my friend visibly cringe as the assistant took the lower anterior radiograph. "Is it supposed to hurt like that," she whispered to me when the assistant left the room. I couldn’t help but think of the comfort of the DEXIS sensor due to its beveled corners and smoothly rounded casing.

Soon the dentist came into the room. After a brief review of my friend's health and dental history, he proceeded to walk us through the X-rays. I was shocked at how poor the image quality was. They appeared to be over-filtered, making them difficult to read. I casually asked the dentist if he liked his digital X-ray system. He shrugged and said it was fine, but that he was looking forward to a technology that would make the images better.


The truth is DEXIS has the technology to produce clear, highly diagnostic images. Its enhancement tools further improve the readability of the X-ray instead of detracting from it. As we left the office I wondered how many great dentists there are settling for low-quality images while waiting for “better images” that are already available with DEXIS. I say to them, “Stop waiting— the technology is already here!”


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