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Flash That Smile

Posted by Team DEXIS

The eyes may be the mirror to the soul, but it’s the beautiful smile that gets the attention of the paparazzi, the boss at the job interview, or maybe even the next love of your life. So, it’s no surprise that more dental practices are focusing on cosmetic options.

DEXcosmetic DEXIS software

The most recent survey from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry® (AACD) reported that 63 percent of cosmetic dentists expected their business to experience at least moderate growth in the coming year. Surveyed dentists agreed that technology was the number one game-changer predicted to help the industry grow by reducing patient office time by at least 50 percent, increasing patient safety, and making the whole dental process easier and more comfortable. In 2013, dentists continue to add technologies that make the practice more efficient for the dental team and more engaging for patients—and DEXIS is proud to help them to reach those goals.

AACD says some of the technologies putting smiles on dentists’ faces are:

? Digital X-rays give cosmetic dentists a clearer picture of conditions, such as an abscess or decay that has formed, in a much shorter time than with traditional film.

? iPad®s for displaying X-rays and photographs, managing dental records, and educating patients. Multiple new apps are also emerging, such as DEXIS go® that help dentists provide vivid image presentations in support of treatments they propose.

? Computer-Aided Dentistry (CAD-CAM) is revolutionizing tooth restorations, replacing goop-filled trays with 3D scans that mean no mess and no second appointments. Milling machines then use the 3D data to create perfect ceramic crowns while the patient waits (and has a latte or some other kind of dental-ccino, or bottled water).

It’s not just the young who are exploring their cosmetic dental options. Seniors are checking out more comfortable and longer-lasting implant options instead of dentures and bridge work. The survey notes other popular procedures include veneers (52%) replacement fillings (45%) and dental bonding (37%). 

The DEXIS development team is excited about cosmetic treatment possibilities. That’s why DEXIS® Imaging Suite offers the easy-to-use DEXcosmetic™ module, as well as the newly added DEXIS go. Case presentations now can feature “before” and “after” images to show patients the projected results of restorative, orthodontic and aesthetic procedures. Among DEXcosmetic’s many options, dentists can use tools like Before/After, Whiten, and Copy/Reshape, to create images showing possible results and even email them to patients so they can “ohh” and “ahh” with the family. DEXIS go functions as an imaging hub, displaying the patient’s intra- and extra-oral radiographs and photographs. Combining the DEXIS software simplicity with an iPad flair keeps everyone involved and invested in the treatment process.

Whether it’s a starlet flashing her million-dollar smile on the red carpet, or a grandparent beaming in a photo with her favorite 3-year-old, DEXIS has a part in creating the images that help create smiles—and that’s a beautiful thing.

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