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Fully Embracing Digital X-Ray

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content Offered by Eileen Boren, RDA, Certified DEXIS Instructor  ---  I was recently at a training session in Salt Lake City, Utah. After a pleasant greeting, the first thing the dentist said to me was, “I don’t think we’re ready to only use digital X-ray. I’m going to use my new sensor but keep using film, too, until we get more comfortable with it.” This was not the first time I had a dentist tell me about this “hybrid” plan. Smiling, I told him that I believed by the end of the day he would change his mind.

We took an X-ray using the DEXIS Platinum sensor; he was surprised at how simple the process was. He could also see the benefit of having an immediate image, rather than waiting for film to develop. “Just wait,” I told him. I started showing him how with just a single click of a mouse, we were able to take a radiograph from standard film size to an enlarged size and have the image fill the entire screen. Next, I applied ClearVu, a tool that smartly enhances the contrast and clarity of an image. He was amazed. But, I wasn’t done yet!

DEXIS enhanced images

I walked him through the many other image enhancement tools which support diagnosis. Like most dentists, he really liked the Zoom feature, which allows you to greatly enlarge the radiograph and focus in on one specific area. He was impressed when I shined the Spotlight tool on incipient decay and showed him how the carious lesion “pops out” to help him determine if it has crossed the CEJ. But, he was even more impressed when I used Spotlight on the apex, and he could easily trace the periodontal ligament around the root. Next, I demonstrated how to use Invert, Relief and Measuring tools.

By the time I covered how to e-mail and print images without the time consuming process of duplication, he was really beginning to understand how much more he could do with digital. As we finished our training session, I asked him if he still wanted to keep his old dark room. With a grin, he answered, “I think we can use that space for something else.”

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