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Stuck in a Rut

Posted by Team DEXIS

VivianContent provided by Vivian Zabik, RDH, Certified DEXIS Instructor:  I have been in dentistry since I was 16 years old. My high school started a two-year dental assisting program with a neighboring school. I was always adventurous, so I convinced my best friend to sign up for the program with me. I told her, “I’m sure the guys are really cute at this school, especially since it’s so close to Kent State University!” She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Is this going to be like the time you suggested we take a public bus home from school and ended up on other side of town?” I can still hear her mother lecturing us in broken Polish-English on the long drive home!

After many years in dentistry, I learned to control my “adventurous side.” In fact, I was very comfortable in my profession and stayed in a practice with the same dentist for most of my career as a hygienist. Then, he announced that he was selling his practice and moving out of state. My world was shattered. My comfort zone was pulled out from under me. I loved my little rut! I didn’t want change, but “change” happened anyway.

The new dentist who bought the practice loved to attend the Hinman Dental Meetings in Atlanta, and his wife loved to shop! While the doctor and the staff were in continuing education classes, she was making her way around the exhibit hall. Unbeknownst to us, she “cut a deal” with a sales rep for digital X-ray. She couldn’t wait to share her good fortune with us!

Well, being the professional I am, I tried to act excited about her purchase. I wanted to say, “What’s wrong with our film X-rays? Why do we need to change?” Yes, it was apparent that I was stuck in another rut—that was about to change.

Our digital X-ray trainer guided us through the transition. I had become so obviously enthusiastic about digital technology that she asked if I would like to become a part-time trainer for the company. I decided to give it a try and enjoyed teaching immensely.

As we all do from time to time, I changed practices to another dentist in Venice, FL. My new office did not have digital X-ray, and they used MacPractice. Every time I tried to right click on the mouse, it wouldn’t work! I guess I was in a “PC rut,” but I learned quickly.

After working for my new employer for a while, he told me that he was interested in purchasing digital X-ray—I was ecstatic! He said he was going to look at several of the leading systems on the market, including the one I had experience with. His plan was to have each sales person come into the office and give us a full demonstration on their product.

True to his word, my doctor scheduled three separate companies. Each sales person had to “sell” his product to my doctor, his entire staff and of course, me! I was pleasantly surprised to be introduced to DEXIS. It had unique corners that would not poke into the patient's tissue! I have to admit that I gave the DEXIS rep a hard time—after all, I was already convinced I knew the correct choice!

Since he was due for one, my colleague Lisa took an FMX on the doctor—and she did so in less than 5 minutes! She was able to capture the mesial of the first bicuspids—I was shocked! The smoothly rounded casing made all the difference! I asked about the different sizes of sensors, and the rep told me that DEXIS has only one sensor that was designed to take images in all areas of the mouth. She said taking X-rays with DEXIS is just like following what you do with film or other sensors but with more comfort and less hassle. She was right!

DEXIS Platinum sensor close up

Because of its unique features, I was sold on DEXIS. My focus had been on the product that I had worked with before. Yes, I was “stuck in a rut” but no more! When the doctor made the decision to go with DEXIS, we were all thrilled and fully onboard!

I was so impressed by DEXIS (both the sensor and the software), that I inquired about a training position. I am now a happy Certified DEXIS Instructor in South West Florida. I enjoy helping others with their transitions to a great digital system—getting them out of their “ruts,” be it film or another system.

If you’re stuck in a radiography rut, take a look at DEXIS. Visit for more information and to request an in-office demonstration!

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