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DEXIS congratulates another Sweepstakes winner, Dr. Véronique Benhamou, of Montreal, Québec!

Posted by Team DEXIS

Before winning the sweepstakes, Dr. Benhamou already had researched the DEXIS system. She recalled, “In the light of making the best decisions for our practice, I was browsing the Internet looking for information, and I just happened to find the contest and entered. Shortly after I had already purchased the DEXIS system with two Platinum sensors, I got notified that we had won and would be receiving another sensor!”

Dr. Benhamou has been a practicing periodontist for 25 years and has also been teaching for a large part of that time. She recently opened a new specialty practice downtown with her partner, Dr. Abi Nader, who is a prosthodontist. But there is more to her life than private practice.

Humanitarian dental outreach is one of the most fulfilling parts of Dr. Benhamou’s professional life.  Under the banner of “Kindness in Action,” a foundation based in West Canada,  she and three  other colleagues have been providing free dental services to needy areas all over  the world for the past 10 years. They are often assisted by students from McGill University and hygienists from a local college. Dr. Benhamou reports that her team can treat an average of 800-900 patients in 10 days. She said, “Prior to us even purchasing the system, I asked a DEXIS rep to lend us a sensor and the program for the mission.” She described, “We are becoming more organized each year, and since we have been able to include radiology for these patients, we are able to do slightly more complex procedures. When we start in an area, we mostly perform extractions to clear the pain and infection, but when we are able to repeatedly see the same patient, we are able to fill teeth, do some root canals, and even some surgical extractions. We have even brought a technician with us once and made some partial dentures.”

Having a DEXIS sensor brings many benefits. She explained, “Using a digital system instead of conventional film radiography diminishes the amount of radiation to patients. The aspects of the DEXIS sensor that I particularly appreciate are: the definition of the image, and the size and the shape of the sensor. The DEXIS Platinum sensor gives me the most surface area of exposure. That is a big difference from other sensors. The size of the sensor is the size of the image that I will see; that is versus other sensors where the image is smaller. Also, the back of the sensor (ScatterGuard) prevents transmission of radiation; we don’t need additional scatter if we can avoid it.”

Even though Dr. Benhamou had purchased two sensors shortly before her win, she still feels fortunate to have another sensor to add to her imaging armamentarium. “I was lucky because the value of having won that sensor is phenomenal. I have never won anything in my life, so this was very cool!” She was pleasantly shocked to hear the good news. “I was very surprised to realize that this entry was for real! I had put my name in the contest and completely forgot about it. I asked them, ‘Am I the only person who signed up for this?’ But, I was not—I understand that there were many other dental professionals who entered!” Dr. Benhamou says that besides the excellence of the sensor, the way that the contest process and training was handled showed, “DEXIS is a very reliable company, and it is a pleasure to deal with them.”

To Dr. Benhamou, we say “Félicitations, et bienvenue à la famille DEXIS!" (Congratulations, and welcome to the DEXIS family!) 

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