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DEXIS helps with “quick and decisive action”

Posted by Team DEXIS

Zhne_neu_3When planning a trip to the U.S., tourists prepare for fun and adventure. However, a different type of trip that a German tourist recently took on Lombard Street in San Francisco was a very unwelcome surprise.  After she fell, her husband saw that her bridge had fallen out, and her face was bloody. He thought fast and Googled “dentist” on his iPad. Dr. Cynthia K. Brattesani’s name came up on the search as very close to them.

Dr. Brattesani and her team were just about to start their lunch hour when, as she describes, “a tourist entered our office holding some teeth in her hands

and holding a bloody napkin to her face, asking, in broken English, if we could help her.” Dr. Brattesani continued, “A call to immediate action needs no language.” After whisking the patient, named Gerlinde, into the office, she needed to see the extent of the damage and determine the best course of action. “Capturing X-ray images with our DEXIS™ system is quick and easy, and the image clarity allowed me to see exactly what treatment was needed. Then, we used a special solution to enhance the chance of reattachment of her teeth, and then we stabilized them and slowly tried to explain what would happen next.“


Next, DEXIS images then became the travelers, as Dr. Brattesani sent Gerlinde’s dentist in Germany an email containing the digital X-rays that were taken in the U.S.

Gerlinde wrote in several emails, “I received your photos and good quality X-rays … My dentist was very excited by your excellent work and that the reimplanted tooth root had begun to grow in. And, my dentist told me at each of the following visits, that I have to be thankful for your quick and decisive action.” She added, “My dentist has said literally, I've been quite lucky to find a dentist who has done such excellent professional care … I am so grateful for it!”

Dr. Brattesani calls this encounter, “The power of the unexpected.” She said that the language was not a barrier since “there was not much talk, but a lot of smiles and hugs.” Subsequently, the patient emailed her to tell her that she wrote a patient review in German, thinking that it would be helpful if other German tourists were looking for a good dentist in San Francisco. Hopefully others won’t trip on their trips, but if they do, Dr. Brattesani, her team, and her DEXIS will be ready to spring into action.

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