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Illuminating thoughts on CariVu™

Posted by Team DEXIS

CB_headshot_RGBOne of our esteemed long-term DEXIS owners, Dr. Cynthia Brattesani, added a CariVu caries detection device with transillumination technology to her practice. She already is an enthusiastic owner of DEXIS® Platinum sensors and DEXIS go® for iPad®, and has also just received DEXshield that helps her reduce exposure to her patients up to 30%*.

Dr. Brattesani described the CariVu image as “extremely visual,” with the healthy tooth appearing light and caries dark —and the capability to detect interproximal, occlusal, and recurrent caries, even in the early stages. She noted that this device appeals to a wide variety of patients: the skeptic, new patients, young patients, people with trust issues — anyone for whom she needs information, but without the radiation emitted by dental X-ray unit. She uses CariVu during each recall visit when patients are not due for bitewings.

digital xray unitBesides those who are generally concerned about radiation, there are those who have physical medical issues as well, such as people who are undergoing radiation therapy. A recent patient of Dr. Brattesani’s illustrated just one more type of person for whom the CariVu was a perfect option. Dr. Brattesani recalled, “A pregnant patient needed a diagnosis of a possible dental issue. She was stressed because she did not want an X-ray while she was pregnant. Because of CariVu, I was able to say, ‘Let’s shine this light and see if it warrants treatment.’ With the CariVu image, we found that the problem did not need treatment. She was so grateful. To my colleagues who are looking for the best in caries detection, I say, ‘Get it now!’ It turns limitations into diagnostic opportunities.”

With CariVu, patient-focused clinicians like Dr. Brattesani can communicate and connect at the same time, especially in specific situations.

For more information on how CariVu can help you help your patients visit our website.

*Data on file; Indications For Use are at

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