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Let your voice be heard!

Posted by Team DEXIS


We know from listening to our customers that our DEXIS™ imaging suite of products has changed the face of dentistry in many offices throughout the nation. We love to hear the success stories of how digital imaging has helped with diagnosis and improved communications with patients. Another way that we hear that our products are making a difference is through the Townie Choice Awards. We are proud to have been recognized in past years by Townie dentists who want to help spread the word about our products.

This year, we have a range of great technology in the running, including CariVu, our first product in the caries detection category. Continuing in DEXIS’ long‐standing tradition of innovation, CariVu works differently than any caries detection device in the industry. Through transillumination technology, the unit bathes the tooth in near‐infrared light, and caries appear as dark areas – no color codes or numeric indicators – just an image that looks similar to a familiar X‐ray, but without ionizing radiation!

Voting for Townie Choice Awards places you among the decision‐makers of the dental field. This voting opportunity empowers dentists to help each other and to implement products that lead to excellent care. We continue to hear your suggestions and compliments, and we appreciate your confidence in the DEXIS products you use on a daily basis.

Dentaltown editors have said that by voting for these awards, Townies are “helping their peers sift through the mediocre and go straight for the gold.” They add that “TCAs serve as a compass showing the way to the dental industry product and service aces — as chosen by your colleagues, not industry salesmen.*” So, when you have a minute, let your voice be heard! Check out the Townie Choice Awards at If you haven’t voted before, it’s simple to register, and if you already are a Townie, it’s even easier! We at DEXIS, thank you for your support at TCA time and all year round!


*Dentaltown. Dental townie choice awards 2013. December 2013. Accessed August
28, 2014.

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