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Lucky you, Dr. Yu!

Posted by Team DEXIS


Sometimes when “Lady Luck” smiles on a person, exciting and unexpected things happen. It may even turn out to be a transilluminating experience! This was the case, when Dr. Holman Yu’s office manager, who is also his wife, Inez Luk, was searching the DEXIS website. She recalls, “I was looking for the phone number for tech support and stumbled upon the contest. I saw the promo video and thought CariVu™ was an interesting caries detection device. I could see the benefits of having one. So I entered for a chance to win.” 


After entering the contest, Inez continued her busy life around the Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-office, until she received a phone call from Jackie Raulerson, DEXIS’ Manager of Public and Media Relations who called with the good news that they had won the CariVu system. At first, Inez didn’t remember that she had even entered the contest. “Then, when Jackie mentioned DEXIS, it clicked, and I realized it was the contest I had entered a long time ago not expecting to win. I was in disbelief, because we never win anything! And I was ecstatic to have won a device that could improve our diagnostic methods and increase our options for patients who are not able or refuse to allow X-rays.”

Dr. Yu’s practice had never owned a caries detection device before, but they are happy owners of DEXIS™ Platinum sensors. The staff and doctor are eager to put infrared transillumination technology into daily use. Inez said they are looking forward “to offering patients this relatively painless and radiation-free* option for detecting caries.” She also hopes that patients will help to spread the good news to their friends. She notes, “It will expand our diagnostic capabilities. We can now use it to diagnose caries in patients who cannot take X-rays, such as pregnant women, patients who are too young, or simply patients who do not like radiation."

DEXIS representative Elena Shvartzberg was thrilled that one of her DEXIS owners had the winning sweepstakes entry. She said, “I’m glad to see this great office win. This will give them another level of imaging for patient care.” 

*CariVu produces no ionizing radiation,Indications for use:

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