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Milk and Cookies

Posted by Team DEXIS


Synergy is defined as two or more things functioning together to produce a result that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. Like the iconic pairings of milk and cookies, movies and popcorn, computers and the Internet, we also have experienced the combining of two great things that fit so well together that we ended up with something that’s even more incredible.

On the dental front, there’s a great combo: DEXIS™ digital dental X-ray and CariVu™ caries detection. Combining these two systems can open up a whole new world of co-diagnosis and education. For the assistants, hygienists, and the doctors, digital X-ray gives a view of the dentition that is clear and crisp to help in diagnosis and treatment. It also begins to involve the patient in co-diagnosis, as images can be enlarged for greater detail and teachable moments. It’s a given that when patients really understand their options, they may be more likely to accept and start treatment.

Moving further into the diagnosis and teaching process, CariVu allows doctors and patients to connect on another level. With images that read similar to X-ray—healthy tooth is light, and caries is dark—the clinician can continue to educate the patient with a consistent approach. Plus, when a CariVu image is captured of a specific tooth number, the software automatically displays previous X-ray and camera images for that tooth. With these images at your fingertips, there’s no time lost in opening multiple programs or minimizing screens that can distract from your message to the patient.

When digital technologies work seamlessly together, the dentist and the patient can also be in synergy. The doctor can offer a full-range of treatment options, and the patient can be fully engaged with treatment selections. Now that’s an incredible combination!

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