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Pictures and images worth a thousand words

Posted by Team DEXIS

DEXcam_Asst-PatientInventor and icon of success, Walt Disney, once said, “Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language.” His quote on the value of imaging in reaching people and communicating ideas is definitely not just a Mickey Mouse theory. Whereas dentists are trained to read and interpret X-rays, sometimes patients appreciate seeing images in a more familiar way.  DEXcam™ intra-oral cameras can support radiographic findings and show patients chips, cracks, leaking restorations, calculus, periodontal abnormalities and other disease symptoms in a format that they understand and can see clearly.

The new DEXcam™ 4 intraoral video camera uses real-time intra-oral video and pictures when communicating with patients to create immediate visual impact. The camera has been optimized to help ensure images are displayed in natural color tones; and precision-ground glass optics help prevent any image distortion. A Sony® CCD sensor delivers the highest resolution among the major standard-definition cameras,1 and its 520,000-pixel images are clear and sharp.

New DEXcam 4 owner Dr. Anand Rao of Philadelphia, PA,, notes, “The DEXcam 4 not only looks sleek, it’s easy to use, and I love the image quality. It’s a great diagnostic tool. Best of all, It gives a powerful presentation to my patients, really shows them the exact conditions of their teeth—and completely reiterates my diagnosis and need for treatment.”

Besides patients, intra-oral camera images also provide the added benefit of facilitating treatment approvals from insurance companies by offering an extra layer of information for use in their decisions. Dr. Scott Wehrkamp in Brandon, SD, is a DEXcam™ 3 owner who has said that in his experience, pre-authorizations for core buildups are rarely allowed by an insurance company, so he takes an intra-oral image when preparing a crown to document what is left after old restoration removal and caries excavation or after pin placement, prior to the bonded core buildup. Then, another photo is taken after the buildup and crown prep to show the how much actual tooth is present relative to how much tooth structure the core provided. As a result, Dr. Wehrkamp feels that his office’s core buildups are rarely disallowed when digital images accompany a narrative for the core buildup.

The DEXcam cameras are reasonably priced and exceptionally easy to use. From tooth close-ups to full smiles, pictures and video are worth a thousand words, and this intra-oral video camera is ready to start the conversation in the most universally understood language.

Find out more about the new DEXcam 4 intra-oral camera and how to take advantage of $2000 savings at


1Based on the manufacturers’ published specifications for Sopro 717, DigiDoc® Iris, and Schick USBCam4 standard-definition cameras.

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