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Spotlight on: Jan Myskowski, RDH, DEXIS Training and Operations Leader

Posted by Team DEXIS

Jan2.jpgFrom her earliest experiences with DEXIS in 1997 as one of the the first hygienists in the United States to use the system until now, Jan Myskowski has truly “bled green” since day one. She has worn many hats throughout her time with the green (DEXIS) team and takes pride in each responsibility. Learn more about her role within the company and how DEXIS has helped shape her just as much as she has helped shape DEXIS.

What is your on-the-job philosophy?

Besides "get ‘r done," I would say a combination of prioritizing and focus. But the most important thing is to uphold our core values while serving and supporting our DEXIS customers at the professional level. 

UOR-Jan.jpgMy DEXIS story started way back in Long Island, NY. I was a hygienist for Dr. Cary Ganz, who was one of the first DEXIS owners. When I started with him, he gave me my first DEXIS sensor and said, "I forgot to tell you...we are a digital office." My immediate response was to leave because I had not done any work with digital. But, once I started using it, I couldn’t go back. I then had the opportunity to work for DEXIS in clinical support as the first DEXIS Instructor and later as Training Manager and Customer Advocate—and that was it from there. Today I am the Training and Operations Leader closely working with our valued owners from the sales and marketing side of the business. I love what I do.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Although I have transitioned away from the clinical training aspect of the business, I would have to say that helping to bring on our team of Certified Instructors is one of my greatest accomplishments at DEXIS. They are such a focused and dedicated group. Some of our long-term employees say in reference to our corporate color: "We bleed DEXIS green." And they would truly step in front of a moving train for our brand. We have helped create that enthusiasm together, and I am proud to be a part of it. DEXIS individuals are very unique.

What makes you successful?

DEXIS gives me the freedom and the access to do what I need to do — listen to our owners and their needs. It’s so important because in today’s world that doesn’t frequently happen. 

Jan_baking.jpgWhat are your hobbies?

I don’t rest! I continually go. When I leave the doors here, I am passionate about baking. I have a small side business with my obsession being the creative freedom my clients give me in decorating cakes for them. Cranking up the music and baking or cooking takes me away from the hectic daily pace of life. It is my peace.

Tell us about your DEXIS “Love Connection”

You may get to meet Andre Hansen in a future interview; he's that’s my husband. We had known each other for years via working together, but only via phone and Internet. We talked so much, but never actually met. When we finally met in Boston, the rest is history.

Five facts about Jan Myskowski:

  1. Favorite vacation: Has yet to be found
  2. Favorite book: Any cookbook – I read them like I read novels.
  3. Favorite movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – the original
  4. Favorite food: Cheese, any cheese, I’m obsessed with Norwegian Goat Cheese at the moment.
  5. Favorite song: Moon River by Andy Williams




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