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It’s YOUR DEXIS—See it YOUR way!

Posted by Team DEXIS

viewsThose who have been using DEXIS for quite a while probably have multiple series and PAs for each patient. One of the most efficient features of DEXIS is the ability to pick and choose what images you want to see on the screen for any given patient and procedure. There are many ways to view images that can help set the stage so that you (and your patient) can target just the info you need for the day.

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Topics: Imaging Software, DEXIS Sensor, DEXIS Digital Radiography, Dental Digital X-ray

Stuck in a Rut

Posted by Team DEXIS

VivianContent provided by Vivian Zabik, RDH, Certified DEXIS Instructor:  I have been in dentistry since I was 16 years old. My high school started a two-year dental assisting program with a neighboring school. I was always adventurous, so I convinced my best friend to sign up for the program with me. I told her, “I’m sure the guys are really cute at this school, especially since it’s so close to Kent State University!” She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Is this going to be like the time you suggested we take a public bus home from school and ended up on other side of town?” I can still hear her mother lecturing us in broken Polish-English on the long drive home!

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Topics: Digital X-ray, DEXIS Sensor, DEXIS Digital Radiography, Dental Digital X-ray

Fully Embracing Digital X-Ray

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content Offered by Eileen Boren, RDA, Certified DEXIS Instructor  ---  I was recently at a training session in Salt Lake City, Utah. After a pleasant greeting, the first thing the dentist said to me was, “I don’t think we’re ready to only use digital X-ray. I’m going to use my new sensor but keep using film, too, until we get more comfortable with it.” This was not the first time I had a dentist tell me about this “hybrid” plan. Smiling, I told him that I believed by the end of the day he would change his mind.

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Topics: DEXIS Sensor, DEXIS Digital Radiography, Dental Digital X-ray, DEXIS Software

Hurry Up and Slow Down - DEXIS Can Help You Do Both!

Posted by Team DEXIS

How often do you hear people say, “Life is moving too fast, we need to slow down?” They gripe that everyone is attached to their phone or tablets or personal electronic devices. Parents complain children don’t know how to play outside anymore because everything is driven by electronics. Older generations talk about simpler times when we didn’t need all of these gadgets—when people weren’t in such a hurry. Yet, technology doesn’t always have to create a frenzied environment.

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Topics: GXS-700 Digital Sensors, DEXIS Sensor, Dental Radiography, DEXIS Platinum, Dental Digital X-ray