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Hurry Up and Slow Down - DEXIS Can Help You Do Both!

Posted by Team DEXIS

How often do you hear people say, “Life is moving too fast, we need to slow down?” They gripe that everyone is attached to their phone or tablets or personal electronic devices. Parents complain children don’t know how to play outside anymore because everything is driven by electronics. Older generations talk about simpler times when we didn’t need all of these gadgets—when people weren’t in such a hurry. Yet, technology doesn’t always have to create a frenzied environment.

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DEXIS and GKAS Help Win Race Against Tooth Decay

Posted by Team DEXIS

Often, a child’s dental condition is like a race between time and tooth decay. There are times when all of the siblings in the household share one toothbrush; for those kids, keeping a winning smile is against the odds. That’s why 75 dentists, hygienists, assistants, manufacturers, and lay people met at the Richmond International Raceway in Virginia on April 27 and 28 for Give Kids a Smile (GKAS). The event was sponsored by 3M Racing, Henry Schein Cares, the ADA Foundation, and the Virginia Dental Association, and DEXIS, as founding partner of GKAS, was proud to join that illustrious crew. Everyone’s goal—to rev kids up about proper dental care.

GKAS Children
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DEXIS Platinum hands-on review in new ADA Peer2Peer magazine

Posted by Team DEXIS

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