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Dr. Daniel Naysan Treats Patients Like A-list Stars Thanks to DEXIS Software

Posted by Team DEXIS

Dr. NaysanAs a dentist serving Beverly Hills, Dr. Daniel Naysan at the Bedford Dental Group believes in treating patients as A-list stars. “I rely upon the help of one of the most accurate digital x-ray and imaging software: The DEIXS Imaging Suite,” said Dr. Daniel Nayasan. “The dental treatment plans developed by me and my team are supplemented with advanced, world class dental tools – and DEXIS is one of them.”

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Topics: DEXIS Sensor, DEXIS Software

Insights from a dental IT professional

Posted by Team DEXIS

FFeld1The DEXIS™ team enjoys hearing from dental professionals who contact us about how digital imaging has improved their practices from both a clinical and business perspective. Recently, we heard from Forrest Feld, an IT professional from Seminole, FL, who installs and troubleshoots technology in dental offices. He shared some interesting insights on dental offices that have finally switched from their troublesome imaging systems to DEXIS.

“Some of these customers start by calling their equipment representative and asking for the cheapest system,” he says. “They don’t ask, ‘What is the best?’ Then, when they start having problems, such as glitches due to software incompatibility and insufficient beta testing on the part of the manufacturer, they call me to ask why.” He says that these dental offices use the less expensive imaging system until frustration sets in, and sometimes they switch to yet another system, and then, eventually, they switch to DEXIS, which is the system that Feld recommends. 

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The Multi-Tasking DEXIS Presentation Panel

Posted by Team DEXIS

DEXIS software is based on the principal that it is easy to learn and simple to use. True to that goal, the program provides icons that “do what they show,” visuals that are familiar to clinicians such as the look of “mounted”  X-rays, easy integration with other software and hardware, and tools that ease the workday. [1]

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Topics: DEXIS Sensor, Dental Imaging Software, DEXIS Software

Fully Embracing Digital X-Ray

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content Offered by Eileen Boren, RDA, Certified DEXIS Instructor  ---  I was recently at a training session in Salt Lake City, Utah. After a pleasant greeting, the first thing the dentist said to me was, “I don’t think we’re ready to only use digital X-ray. I’m going to use my new sensor but keep using film, too, until we get more comfortable with it.” This was not the first time I had a dentist tell me about this “hybrid” plan. Smiling, I told him that I believed by the end of the day he would change his mind.

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