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A Single-Size X-ray Sensor That's Just Right

Posted by Team DEXIS

DEXIS Platinum X-ray Sensor.jpegFinding a sensor that pleases both the patient and the clinician used to be the stuff that fairy tales were made of. With all of the brands out there, some sensors were too big and some were too sharp, and no dental assistant should have to bear those kind of imaging issues. You don’t have to wander among the many brands, until you can’t see the forest for the trees. With the DEXIS™ Platinum sensor, clinicians can capture excellent images with a single-size sensor that fits “just right ” — whether the patient is father-sized, mother-sized, child-sized, or any size in between.

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Stop Waiting for Something to Happen (with Digital X-rays)

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content provided by Eileen Boren, RDA and DEXIS Certified Instructor: Not too long ago, I went with a friend to her first appointment with her new dentist. She had heard good things about him and his office. When we arrived the receptionist greeted us with a friendly smile. The office was clean and tastefully decorated. After filling out the usual forms she was taken back to the operatory that seemed well-equipped. I was allowed to tag along.

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DEXIS go®—On The Go!

Posted by Team DEXIS

When the destination is optimal dental care, it’s important to travel with the best tools—even around the office. Portability has always been a hallmark for DEXIS® products, and DEXIS go®, a sleek, new engaging way for dental professionals to communicate with patients using an iPad®, continues this legacy. DEXIS was the first dental digital radiography company to launch the laptop X-ray solution to the US market in 1997. Then, in 2009, the DEXIS® Platinum sensor technology integrated image capture and processing electronics into the sensor itself, providing even greater portability. This new sensor with a direct USB connection allowed it to move quickly and efficiently between operatories.

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Technology for Dental Hygiene at an All-Time High

Posted by Team DEXIS

2013 commemorates the dental hygiene profession’s 100-year anniversary; and from a technological standpoint, there is no greater time to be a practicing RDH! Ask any hygienist who graduated from school more than 40 years ago; she may reminisce about an era when she wore a white uniform and nurse-type cap on her head; and cleaning a patient’s teeth meant using hand scaling only. Imagine that!  As hygienists moved into scrub-type garb, technology moved forward by leaps and bounds. Ultrasonic instrumentation and jetted prophylaxis devices created benefits for patients as well as efficiency and effectiveness for clinicians.

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Faith In The Award-Winning DEXIS System

Posted by Team DEXIS

describe the image

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DEXIS and Sports Stars Team up for TeamSmile

Posted by Team DEXIS

Our mission at DEXIS is to develop and support the digital radiography community through philanthropic endeavors. We hold ourselves to a high standard for the “support” role we play to serve and give back to our dental communities. Part of that support is in our partnerships with outreach programs that promote oral health. One organization that we have sponsored for several years is TeamSmile.

TeamSmile Logo
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