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The Art and Science of Viewing Digital X-Ray Images

Posted by Team DEXIS

By Fred H. Peck, DDS

Digital X-rayCosmetic dentistry is both an art and a science. The art entails being able to see the patients’ vision for their teeth, whether recapturing the smile of their youth, or helping them to obtain the smile they never had. Of course, I achieve these goals through science, with imaging being one of my most important diagnostic tools for formulating a treatment plan. DEXIS gives me consistently excellent image quality, together with low radiation and comfortable sensors. While I feel that I have chosen a brand that produces the best radiographs, I have improved my capabilities for viewing those images even more with quality monitors and lighting.

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Topics: Digital X-ray Technology

DEXIS® Digital X-ray—Part of the Green Solution

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content provided by Eileen Boren, RDA and Certified DEXIS Instructor  I was driving down the Oregon Coast last week. It was a bright day and the sky was a vibrant blue, a stark contrast to the lush evergreens lining both sides of the road. Periodically there was a break in the trees, giving me a breathtaking view of the vast blue ocean. Oregon coast

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Spotlight on: Jim Horton, DEXIS Special Markets Support

Posted by Team DEXIS

Jim has been with the DEXIS team for a decade now. Whether at work with colleagues and customers or in his spare time as a musician and auto enthusiast, Jim always puts the people first. Learn more about how he began his work with Team DEXIS and what motivates him on a personal level.

playing with Vacant House at the Marietta Grassroots Music Festival
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