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To DEXIS, With Pride

Posted by Team DEXIS

Pride_BOC_LogosWhen DEXIS adds a new product to its imaging brand, it’s going to be the best. When CariVu™ and DEXIS™ Imaging Suite both won “Best of Class” Technology Awards, we were thrilled to hear that technology leaders in the dental field agreed that those products achieved our lofty goals. Launched 7 years ago, “Best of Class” Technology Awards recognize innovative products that set a quality standard in their respective categories. The process is unbiased and non-profit, and the designation is awarded after a rigorous and uncompromising selection process. The panel, comprised of a respected group of technology leaders in dentistry, seeks out “game changing” products that they feel will have significant impact. There is no “check-box template” during the voting process. While some products are so new and different that they literally create their own category, some tried-and-true traditional products affirm their quality and class leadership year after year.

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Topics: Imaging Software, ADA, DEXIS Sensor, CariVu, Caries detection

Insights from a dental IT professional

Posted by Team DEXIS

FFeld1The DEXIS™ team enjoys hearing from dental professionals who contact us about how digital imaging has improved their practices from both a clinical and business perspective. Recently, we heard from Forrest Feld, an IT professional from Seminole, FL, who installs and troubleshoots technology in dental offices. He shared some interesting insights on dental offices that have finally switched from their troublesome imaging systems to DEXIS.

“Some of these customers start by calling their equipment representative and asking for the cheapest system,” he says. “They don’t ask, ‘What is the best?’ Then, when they start having problems, such as glitches due to software incompatibility and insufficient beta testing on the part of the manufacturer, they call me to ask why.” He says that these dental offices use the less expensive imaging system until frustration sets in, and sometimes they switch to yet another system, and then, eventually, they switch to DEXIS, which is the system that Feld recommends. 

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Topics: GXS-700 Digital Sensors, Imaging Software, DEXIS Sensor, Digital Imaging, DEXIS Platinum Sensor, DEXIS Digital Radiography, DEXIS Software

It’s YOUR DEXIS—See it YOUR way!

Posted by Team DEXIS

viewsThose who have been using DEXIS for quite a while probably have multiple series and PAs for each patient. One of the most efficient features of DEXIS is the ability to pick and choose what images you want to see on the screen for any given patient and procedure. There are many ways to view images that can help set the stage so that you (and your patient) can target just the info you need for the day.

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Topics: Imaging Software, DEXIS Sensor, DEXIS Digital Radiography, Dental Digital X-ray