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DEXcam 4 HD - When Art Meets Science

Posted by Team DEXIS


Knowing how to connect with patients is an art; treating patients with the most up-to-date technology and clinical techniques is science. Art meets science with the new DEXIS™ DEXcam™ 4 HD intra-oral camera that brings high definition imaging and innovative acquisition software, DEXcapture, to the dental office.



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Topics: DEXcam 4 HD, Intra-oral Camera

Flash That Smile

Posted by Team DEXIS

The eyes may be the mirror to the soul, but it’s the beautiful smile that gets the attention of the paparazzi, the boss at the job interview, or maybe even the next love of your life. So, it’s no surprise that more dental practices are focusing on cosmetic options.

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Topics: DEXIS Sensor, Intra-oral Camera, Cosmetic Dentistry, AACD

Intra-Oral Camera Images —Educating Patients And Insurance Companies

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content provided by Deana Parry, Certified DEXIS Instructor Acceptance of treatment plans is a primary goal in a dental practice. Many offices are now using digital X-rays. The enlarged and enhanced radiographic images promote education and make it easier for patients to gain confidence in proposed treatment. Most patients appreciate digital X-rays, but these alone don’t always tell the whole story. Intra-oral camera images can further support your radiographic findings and complete the picture, so to speak. Imagine an enlarged intra-oral image of your patient’s teeth on your computer monitor. You now have the benefit of showing your patients chips, cracks, leaking restorations, calculus, periodontal abnormalities, and any other disease or disorder that may be present.

DEXcam in use
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Topics: DEXIS Sensor, Intra-oral Digital Imaging, Intra-oral Camera, Dental Photography