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The Multi-Tasking DEXIS Presentation Panel

Posted by Team DEXIS

DEXIS software is based on the principal that it is easy to learn and simple to use. True to that goal, the program provides icons that “do what they show,” visuals that are familiar to clinicians such as the look of “mounted”  X-rays, easy integration with other software and hardware, and tools that ease the workday. [1]


There’s one feature that “does what it’s named” and actually pulls double duty: Presentation Panel. Originally designed to isolate images in preparation for a presentation to the patient, DEXIS owners find that this isolation works for other communications as well.

When the patient’s file is placed into Overview—Yes! It’s an “overview” of all the patient’s images including intra-oral and extra-oral radiographs and photographs, and even a slice of 3D scans from select systems—the user has an opportunity to drag images from each area into Presentation Panel. These images are actually copied, so there is no danger of losing them in this easy process. Dental team members can then have the patient focus on just the critical few images, creating a more focused presentation.

All on its own, this is a cool item! But there’s more! This same simple step of gathering a group of specific images is excellent for inter-office communication. For example, the dentist can select only those images that should be attached to an insurance claim by popping them into Presentation Panel. The front-desk team member is then assured that these are the exact images that the dentist wants to use. There’s no going back and forth from front desk to operatory, interrupting procedures or breaking the concentration of the clinical team.

This same process can also work if the dentist wants to share images with patients, such as the very best before-and-after photos and preoperative X-rays. The doctor simply places the images into Presentation Panel; the administrative assistant can then email or print directly from the panel. Again, it’s easy and fast, no back-and-forth, no opportunity for confusion.

If you own DEXIS and are not fully utilizing Presentation Panel, give some thought to how this feature can work harder for you! If you don’t use DEXIS, then it’s time you take a look at how the dental imaging software (and sensor) can make your daily clinical life better! Schedule your in-office presentation today!

Check out this video of how simple it is to use DEXIS Presentation Panel:


[1]Users should read and understand all relevant material, including Instructions for Use, operator’s manual, essential prescriber and safety information, as appropriate, for a more complete understanding of the product. The techniques described herein are suggested techniques and are necessarily the responsibility of the medical professional. Each doctor must evaluate the appropriateness of the technique based on his or her own medical training and expertise.

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