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There’s “mobile” and then there’s the “new mobile”

Posted by Team DEXIS

JR_headshot_FBContent offered by Jackie Raulerson, RDH, and Media Manager for DEXIS  +++   I am still a clinician at heart and have a deep appreciation for dentistry. I practiced for several decades before starting my journey with DEXIS. Right before I joined the company, I had the good fortune of working for Dr. Ted Hadgis in Grosse Pointe Woods, MI, a sole-practitioner with four operatories and two part-time hygienists. He’s a gentleman that loves his profession and is a strong proponent of education and technology. He is still my dentist today, and it’s like going ‘home’ when I have my dental care.

During my time there, Dr. Hadgis and his wife, Jan, the Office Manager, returned from a dental meeting with a big announcement—we were now going to use digital X-ray, specifically DEXIS®! We had a computer at the front desk, but none in the ops, so he went with what is called the DEXIS “mobile solution,” a laptop (with imaging software) and the sensor.

When the system arrived, we were all over it! With the help of the manual, we started using it even before formal training. Personally, I was hooked after my first FMX—wowed by the instant images without processing. Dr. Hadgis was very impressed with the images, which were larger and clearer than film that helped him in diagnosis.Patients would stare wide-eyed at their X-rays that they could now actually see, and they commented on how the sensor felt better than film. We all saw great benefits daily on our switch from film to digital.

When it came to logistics, we worked it out this way: We had X-ray heads in each op, and we kept the laptop, sensor, and holders in a central location. When one of us needed to take X-rays, we would get the laptop, sensor and necessary holders that were kept in a central location, take the images, review them, and then return the system. We quickly discovered that we would wanted to be able to view images even when the laptop was unavailable, so at the end of the day, we printed them and stored these printouts in the patients’ charts—similar , which was to having hard copies of film.

We used this system successfully for about 9 months until the planned remodeling of the office was completed. At that time, Dr. Hadgis updated his practice management program. He wanted to be able to integrate with DEXIS and use all the clinical features of Dentrix®, so computers were added in the ops. I guess we could have waited for the new network to use DEXIS—but why would we want to? Digital X-ray was so much better for us and our patients!

Today, there’s no doubt that the DEXIS mobile solution works even better than it did then.With the advent of DEXIS go®, the free iPad® app for DEXIS® Imaging Suite, everyone on the team can have immediate access to DEXIS X-rays and photographs via Wi-Fi on this popular device instead of printouts! You can enlarge these images and even apply the ClearVu image enhancement to radiographs right on the iPad! It’s a great workflow.


To make a point here, I know there are dentists who do not want to go to the expense of installing and networking computers in their ops. That doesn’t mean they can’t have digital X-ray. With a wise investment in the DEXIS mobile solution and one or two iPads (or iPad minis), dental teams can forego the multiple-computer expense and reap the financial, diagnostic, and logistical benefits of this practice-changing technology!

To find out more, call us at 888-883-3947 or schedule your in-office presentation today!