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Three easy ways to market your digital imaging technology TODAY!

Posted by Team DEXIS

DEXIS-Consult-AdAs a modern practitioner, you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your digital imaging systems. And, no doubt, you have gained many clinical rewards. But did you know that sharing information about this equipment can be an effective way to help grow your practice?

Word-of-mouth is a powerful practice-building tool. When one of your patients relays an experience provided by your or your team, and sings your praises to prospective patients, there’s a good chance your numbers will grow. Also, social media is not just for education and office news.  You can actively use it to share information on your technologies and services.

Whether you have DEXIS™ digital X-ray, intra-oral cameras, caries detectors, 3D technology, or all of the above, you can go beyond the clinical benefits and create a buzz about these systems in a few simple ways—starting today!


DEXshieldweb1)   When you use any of your devices, routinely tell each patient that you have invested in the very best technology to help serve them better. As Dr. Jeff Dalin puts it about his DEXIS system and DEXshield, “We tell patients that we have already lowered radiation by 75 percent by switching from film to digital X-rays, and now, using DEXshield, we have lowered those settings by another 30 percent. Every patient loves hearing that story.”


2)    Many dental offices are now using Facebook and Twitter as ways to connect with patients. Add a new post about your investment in technology and let your patients know that it’s to provide them with better care. Once you post your message, don’t forget to ask your Followers to “Share” it with their friends and family. 



3)   Create a technology page on your website. When prospective patients are searching for a new dentist, you want to stand out as the provider of advanced care. 



To get you started, here’s an article that may help:

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