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To DEXIS, With Pride

Posted by Team DEXIS

Pride_BOC_LogosWhen DEXIS adds a new product to its imaging brand, it’s going to be the best. When CariVu™ and DEXIS™ Imaging Suite both won “Best of Class” Technology Awards, we were thrilled to hear that technology leaders in the dental field agreed that those products achieved our lofty goals. Launched 7 years ago, “Best of Class” Technology Awards recognize innovative products that set a quality standard in their respective categories. The process is unbiased and non-profit, and the designation is awarded after a rigorous and uncompromising selection process. The panel, comprised of a respected group of technology leaders in dentistry, seeks out “game changing” products that they feel will have significant impact. There is no “check-box template” during the voting process. While some products are so new and different that they literally create their own category, some tried-and-true traditional products affirm their quality and class leadership year after year.

Individually, panel members spend countless hours each year researching practice-changing technologies. Then, at every Chicago Midwinter Meeting, the board convenes and pores over all the research, debating the characteristics that could define the product as “Best of Class.” If a category does not provide a “Best of Class” designee, it is skipped. To keep the voting fair and impartial, panel members must divulge any consulting relationships in which they are involved, and they are not allowed to vote in that specific category.

L_ShumanBest of Class Founder, Dr. Lou Shuman noted that CariVu was awarded the "Best of Class" Technology Award for a second time  by continuing to differentiate itself from the competition. He said, for example, that CariVu is different than other caries detection devices because of the way it displays the teeth, with images visually similar to a digital X-ray. Plus, Dr. Shuman felt it critical to get the word out about CariVu’s fracture detection. He said, “To my knowledge, CariVu is the only caries detection device on the market that utilizes transillumination to not only detect caries but uniquely visualize fractures as well. This device offers diagnostic capability that is simply not available with any other current technology.” 

Dr. Shuman sums up, “I have been fortunate to be able to recognize technology that has the ability to touch every aspect of dentistry. Our esteemed panel members use their knowledge and energy to inform and enrich the dental community by acknowledging these products as “Best of Class.”

See these winning DEXIS products in the Tech Expo (booth 3231) at the ADA Annual Session in Washington, D.C., in November. 

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