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Yes, Relationships DO Affect Care

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content provided by Lisa Nulty, RDH, M. Ed

Hygienist_wSensor_and_Patient_FB.jpgIt’s no secret that doctor-patient relationships are very important in building and maintaining a successful practice. When patients trust their caregivers, they are more likely to follow instructions. In my 26 years of working with dentists and their practices, I have witnessed firsthand how building these relationships and educating patients has resulted in people seeking routine, timely care. That means that patients are not only interested in addressing problems, but also are scheduling regular checkups to keep their teeth healthy which in turn, allows the clinician more opportunity for early diagnosis of dental disease. 

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Insights from a dental IT professional

Posted by Team DEXIS

FFeld1The DEXIS™ team enjoys hearing from dental professionals who contact us about how digital imaging has improved their practices from both a clinical and business perspective. Recently, we heard from Forrest Feld, an IT professional from Seminole, FL, who installs and troubleshoots technology in dental offices. He shared some interesting insights on dental offices that have finally switched from their troublesome imaging systems to DEXIS.

“Some of these customers start by calling their equipment representative and asking for the cheapest system,” he says. “They don’t ask, ‘What is the best?’ Then, when they start having problems, such as glitches due to software incompatibility and insufficient beta testing on the part of the manufacturer, they call me to ask why.” He says that these dental offices use the less expensive imaging system until frustration sets in, and sometimes they switch to yet another system, and then, eventually, they switch to DEXIS, which is the system that Feld recommends. 

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Beaming about radiation-reducing DEXshield

Posted by Team DEXIS

john_james_headshot_webTeam DEXIS recently sat down with Dr. John James of West Lafayette, IN for a conversation about his positive experiences with DEXshield™. Here’s what he had to say:  "When I was looking for a digital X-ray system, my biggest requirement was an increase in diagnostic capacity — with DEXIS, I was able to achieve that immediately. I also wanted to be able to attain a more comfortable fit for patients. DEXIS Platinum sensors offered that attribute, as well. Now, after using the system for a while, I have realized that not only are we getting a more comfortable fit, we are also needing fewer retakes due to the size and shape of the device and also the holding system, which is very well designed. But there's more to the system!

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Three easy ways to market your digital imaging technology TODAY!

Posted by Team DEXIS

DEXIS-Consult-AdAs a modern practitioner, you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your digital imaging systems. And, no doubt, you have gained many clinical rewards. But did you know that sharing information about this equipment can be an effective way to help grow your practice?

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Milk and Cookies

Posted by Team DEXIS


Synergy is defined as two or more things functioning together to produce a result that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. Like the iconic pairings of milk and cookies, movies and popcorn, computers and the Internet, we also have experienced the combining of two great things that fit so well together that we ended up with something that’s even more incredible.

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