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Yes, Relationships DO Affect Care

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content provided by Lisa Nulty, RDH, M. Ed

Hygienist_wSensor_and_Patient_FB.jpgIt’s no secret that doctor-patient relationships are very important in building and maintaining a successful practice. When patients trust their caregivers, they are more likely to follow instructions. In my 26 years of working with dentists and their practices, I have witnessed firsthand how building these relationships and educating patients has resulted in people seeking routine, timely care. That means that patients are not only interested in addressing problems, but also are scheduling regular checkups to keep their teeth healthy which in turn, allows the clinician more opportunity for early diagnosis of dental disease. 

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Dr. Daniel Naysan Treats Patients Like A-list Stars Thanks to DEXIS Software

Posted by Team DEXIS

Dr. NaysanAs a dentist serving Beverly Hills, Dr. Daniel Naysan at the Bedford Dental Group believes in treating patients as A-list stars. “I rely upon the help of one of the most accurate digital x-ray and imaging software: The DEIXS Imaging Suite,” said Dr. Daniel Nayasan. “The dental treatment plans developed by me and my team are supplemented with advanced, world class dental tools – and DEXIS is one of them.”

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Winning doctor has a winning training day

Posted by Team DEXIS

Dr_Brockman_Team_winTraining day is always exciting for Brenda Hornby, RDH, a Certified DEXIS Instructor. Bringing a new DEXIS™ system to Dr. John Brockman’s office in Lone Tree, Colorado, gave her even more satisfaction, because he is not only a new member of the DEXIS family, but also winner of the 2014 Win DEXIS Sweepstakes!

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Chairside Imaging Enchants Doctors at Mission of Mercy in New Mexico

Posted by Team DEXIS


While DEXIS participates in many outreach events over the year, this one, held in New Mexico—the Land of Enchantment, enchanted patients and doctors alike, with improved access to digital imaging throughout the venue. The added efficiencies made caring for patients in need easier and quicker.

Diane Burns, local rep and volunteer, explained, “For the first time in Mission of Mercy history, we delivered electronic patient X-rays chairside using the DEXIS™ software platform!”

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The Lollipop Comparison — A DEXIS Pediatric Technique

Posted by Jackie Raulerson

Content provided by Christine Hart, RDA, Special Markets Clinical Affairs Manager for DEXIS    Many procedures we perform in dentistry that involve children often require us to prepare the child verbally and mentally in order to be successful. Much like explaining a handpiece or instruments we use, here are some helpful tips that work very well when taking dental digital X-rays on a child. I like to refer to this as the “lollipop comparison.”

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