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Passionate About Dentistry and Technology

Posted by Team DEXIS

Content offered by Lisa Nulty, RDH, MS, Product Manager for DEXIS

Lisa NultyIn the early adventurous days of my career, I started out as a traveling hygienist — an amazing learning experience. By working with clinicians across the country, I was able to gain a variety of skill sets and learn from each dentist’s unique techniques. Throughout life, I have always tried to find solutions and fill specific needs for my chosen field. In dentistry, I saw a niche for hygienists who are flexible enough to fill in for the hygienist in dental practices — whether they were on maternity or sick leave or had a sudden emergency. Since hygienists are such an integral part of any practice, that sudden void can make productivity suffer.

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DEXIS congratulates another Sweepstakes winner, Dr. Véronique Benhamou, of Montreal, Québec!

Posted by Team DEXIS

Before winning the sweepstakes, Dr. Benhamou already had researched the DEXIS system. She recalled, “In the light of making the best decisions for our practice, I was browsing the Internet looking for information, and I just happened to find the contest and entered. Shortly after I had already purchased the DEXIS system with two Platinum sensors, I got notified that we had won and would be receiving another sensor!”

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Insights from a dental IT professional

Posted by Team DEXIS

FFeld1The DEXIS™ team enjoys hearing from dental professionals who contact us about how digital imaging has improved their practices from both a clinical and business perspective. Recently, we heard from Forrest Feld, an IT professional from Seminole, FL, who installs and troubleshoots technology in dental offices. He shared some interesting insights on dental offices that have finally switched from their troublesome imaging systems to DEXIS.

“Some of these customers start by calling their equipment representative and asking for the cheapest system,” he says. “They don’t ask, ‘What is the best?’ Then, when they start having problems, such as glitches due to software incompatibility and insufficient beta testing on the part of the manufacturer, they call me to ask why.” He says that these dental offices use the less expensive imaging system until frustration sets in, and sometimes they switch to yet another system, and then, eventually, they switch to DEXIS, which is the system that Feld recommends. 

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Winning doctor has a winning training day

Posted by Team DEXIS

Dr_Brockman_Team_winTraining day is always exciting for Brenda Hornby, RDH, a Certified DEXIS Instructor. Bringing a new DEXIS™ system to Dr. John Brockman’s office in Lone Tree, Colorado, gave her even more satisfaction, because he is not only a new member of the DEXIS family, but also winner of the 2014 Win DEXIS Sweepstakes!

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Keep Them Coming Back for Dental Exams

Posted by Jackie Raulerson

Ask any clinician, and they will tell you—rarely do people look forward to dental visits. Recently, the American Dental Association released statistics which show that fewer adults are visiting the dentist these days. While there are surely multiple factors causing this decline, most probably stem from anxiety. To counter this, dentists offer adjunct services, from spa comforts to headphones with pleasing audio, to help lessen the patient’s stress while receiving the dental care they need.

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