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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner — or at Least Dental Stuff

Posted by Team DEXIS

Win.jpgWhile one old adage says, “You can’t win them all,” another more positive saying goes, “You have to be in it to win it.” From among many dental professionals who clicked to enter DEXIS’ 2016 Sweepstakes, three winning dental offices are excited about using DEXIS™ technologies to create more productive practices.

Dr. Terry Box of Fayetteville, Arkansas was the first to receive the good news of clinching the prize in the Win CariVu 2016 Sweepstakes. Even though he has been practicing dentistry since 1976, Dr. Box said he still “feels like a student of dentistry, always learning.” He enjoys sharing that knowledge with patients as well. Now, with CariVu™, he can educate patients about their dental health as a part of his comprehensive exams and diagnosis, showing them images of carious lesions in their earliest stages, even before they cannot be detected on X-ray. 

DrBox and team.jpg

Dr. Box described his practice this way: “We love what we do. We’re motivated by results, and we have high standards of quality and integrity.” He also brings his dental care to those less fortunate as a volunteer at the Free Health Clinic once a month. Dr. Box feels lucky to have won the Sweepstakes. Many years ago, he did win a shotgun, but since he is not an enthusiast in that category, after all this time, the prize still sits in a closet. We are happy to hear that CariVu will not be sitting behind closed doors. Armed with the transillumination technology caries detection device, he and his staff will be taking aim at imaging caries every day. He happily noted, that he has “never won anything this great” before.

DrLemieux.pngDr. Peter Lemieux’s office staff in Winter Park, Florida is ready to improve their image in the dental community as well as their X-ray images with the addition of the DEXIS Platinum sensor. Assistant Ashley had personally seen the remarkable image quality in action in another dentist’s office and has been actively encouraging Dr. Lemieux to invest in a DEXIS system. Instead of depending on persistent urging (i.e., nagging) to get her wish, thankfully, filling out the Sweepstakes entry made that wish a reality!  Dr. Lemieux is devoted to excellence in dental care for both his patients and those less fortunate. He serves the community by volunteering regularly for health fairs, the Orange County Research Clinic, Give Kids-A-Smile, Special Olympics —  Special Smiles, Christina’s Smile, and the FDA's Mission of Mercy. In the past, he has volunteered as an exhibit explainer at the Orlando Science Center and he lectures to elementary students about oral hygiene. Hopefully, his DEXIS X-ray images will be another way that he can educate and empower his patients to better dental care.

While dentists appreciate the many features of CariVu, hygienists also can use the Dr,MrsSetterberg, Tifanny.jpgtechnology bring possible areas of concern to their dentists’ attention. Hygienists love to keep teeth healthy, and for that reason, hygienists love CariVu and DEXIS loves hygienists! Tiffany Ottesen, hygienist in the office of Dr. James Setterberg in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, was the lucky winner of DEXIS Loves Hygienists. Sherrie Setterberg, office manager and Dr. Setterberg’s wife, notes that the office already was familiar with DEXIS quality as owners of DEXIS Platinum sensor technology. So, they were very excited to add CariVu to their comprehensive imaging protocol as well. Without emitting any ionizing radiation, the CariVu Caries detection device helps to support the identification of occlusal, interproximal, and recurrent carious lesions and cracks with transillumination technology. This portable and simple-to-use device and easy-to-understand images can be a very useful tool both in the office and in the field when Dr. Setterberg helps to bring dental care to young people during the Give Kids A Smile and other charity events.

These winners of the 2016 Sweepstakes prove that taking just a few minutes to enter the contest can have a lasting positive impact on your practice! But, you have to be in it to win it! Don’t wait! Enter the 2017 DEXIS “Win a CariVu Bundle” Sweepstakes today!

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