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Winning doctor has a winning training day

Posted by Team DEXIS

Dr_Brockman_Team_winTraining day is always exciting for Brenda Hornby, RDH, a Certified DEXIS Instructor. Bringing a new DEXIS™ system to Dr. John Brockman’s office in Lone Tree, Colorado, gave her even more satisfaction, because he is not only a new member of the DEXIS family, but also winner of the 2014 Win DEXIS Sweepstakes!

Brenda was eager to train Dr. Brockman, his office manager, Becky, and the rest of the team on the digital X-ray that was proven to provide great image quality with the lowest doses, best patient comfort and fast workflow.* Since she experienced a film-to-DEXIS transition herself a few years back, Brenda loves to tell new owners all about the benefits of DEXIS. She states, “I let them know about our sensor technology that allows for subtle variations in density and great contrast — in other words, great image quality. I then show how images can be displayed at ultra-large sizes without pixilation or loss of quality. Then I remind them that they can’t do that with a film X-ray! Next, I apply the ClearVu™ that reveals even more detail and depth, and I sit back and enjoy the “wow” expressions on my trainees’ faces.”  

Dr_B_using_softwareOffice manager Becky, who had not worked with a digital system for many years, said, “This is just so nice how fast it is!” She is so right. The combination of the DEXIS’ PerfectSize™, single-sensor and the highly automated, user-friendly software interface makes this process very fast indeed*. Brenda states that the team was really excited that they will be able to cut their current 15- to 20-minute process of taking and developing a full series with their current PSP system down to around 5 minutes from start to finish. This is something that Brenda herself really valued when she was in practice. She knows that other hygienists and assistants can relate.

Brenda noted, “Dr. Brockman is such a nice, caring man. After I was done, he thanked me for the training. He was very serious about learning all the ins-and-outs of his new DEXIS system, and I am eager to hear about how it has improved the X-ray capabilities in his office after they have used it for a while.” 

DEXIS congratulates Dr. Brockman on his sweepstakes win — and encourages you to enter the DEXIS sweepstakes. Hopefully, one day Brenda or one of our other members of Team DEXIS will visit your office with a winning system and our winning training!



*DEXIS Sensor Competitive Performance Study and DEXIS Sensor Clinical Evaluation Report. Visit for study details. 

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