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Winning smiles and winning contests

Posted by Team DEXIS

Ellis_2After 37 years of helping patients maintain their winning smiles, Dr. David Ellis also has a winning track record with contests. After winning a DEXcam™ intraoral camera just a few years ago, most recently, he won a CariVu™ caries detection device as part of the company’s 2014 Win CariVu sweepstakes. Dr. David, along with his son, Dr. Jonathan Ellis, already began using it in their Hopewell, Virginia dental practice. Julia Ellis, office manager and Dr. David’s wife, noted that they had considered scheduling a CariVu demonstration, but she added, “Winning is much better!” She also said that in the short time since they have had this near infrared technology device in the office, “We have used it to verify cavities found on X-rays. Dr. Jonathan has also used it on several young adults with numerous incipient lesions as an additional detection and educational tool.”

Ellis_3Teresa Meriwether, DEXIS Certified Instructor and CariVu Specialist, happily provided training on the device. She described, “The office was extremely excited. The father/son dental team both told me that they can see the benefits for patient education. They were amazed with the diagnostic ability for interproximal decay and recurrent decay detection. Dr. Jonathan Ellis said that CariVu images will help explain to patients why a cracked tooth is symptomatic yet visually undetected, and why a tooth needs a restoration, or why he can safely monitor that specific tooth. They are planning to invest in additional tips because they see the benefits of using this regularly every day.”

Ellis_5Besides being grateful for winning CariVu, Julia also appreciates Ellis Family Dentistry’s great treatment team and daughter-in-law Annie, their financial coordinator. She said, “We have been blessed with a thriving, friendly, family practice in our hometown. Best of all, our son, Jonathan, and his wife, Annie, joined us in practice 8 years ago, making each day so much fun!” Already an owner of a DEXIS™ digital X-ray system, the practice is familiar with the company’s quality products and anticipates that CariVu will provide an additional imaging asset. Julia sums up, “Thank you for all DEXIS has done to help us provide our patients with fantastic dental care.”


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